facilitiesGreenhouse facilities near Pedregal, including property for expansion in the foreground and beyond the greenhouses in back.
The Company’s headquarters, general offices and laboratory and greenhouse facilities are located just north of Santo Domingo between the towns of Pedregal and Salamanca, which can be reached in an hour from Santo Domingo’s Las Americas International Airport.

Looking south from the Orchidom greenhouse complex, the high rise office towers and apartment buildings of Santo Domingo dominate the skyline.
Looking north from about a kilometer south of the greenhouse complex, the greenhouses can be seen in the middle distance, against a mountain backdrop.

Orchidom is currently producing about 30,000 flasks annually in its laboratory facilities. At any one time, the 3,000 square feet of shelf/bench space set aside for flasks contains 15,000 to 20,000 flasks.
more facilitiesLaboratory
more facilitiesLight room
more facilitiesGreenhouses with flasks under natural light

Total available greenhouse space is approximately 500,000 square feet, of steel-frame construction, plastic-covered and protected with shade cloth. The Pedregal greenhouse complex also contains the company’s general offices, its laboratory facilities, the offices of the company’s managers, its local and export sales operations, warehouse space, packing and shipping areas, two houses for resident guards and an on-site irrigation system supported by two 50,000 gallon cisterns supplied with almost perfect, mountain-stream water.
Orchidom also operates greenhouse facilities near Constanza, in the village of La Palma, at an elevation of 2,200 feet for out-of-season spike inducement to support the production of in-bloom Phalaenopsis year-round, supported by a state-of-the-art coolhouse at the greenhouse complex in Pedregal.
more facilitiesPhalaenopsis greenhouses
more facilitiesDendrobium greenhouses
more facilitiesCattleyas greenhuoses
Oncidium greenhouses