Export Sales

How to order

(Minimum whole sale orders of 200 plants.)

1) Please make the plant selection from our CATALOGUE, or send the names/images of your preferred plants to us.

2) For special packing (Bare root, No newspaper wrapping, specific carton size and etc.), Please provide us the details.

3) The availability of plants and price quotation will be provided within 3 working days.

4) The Prices are FBO Santo Domingo, send to you in Dollar USA price of plant with packing, NOT include Shipping & Handling costs which depend on the regulation of each country. All details of the shipment will be provided at this step.

5) Once the order was confirmed, the proforma invoice will be sent to you.

6) For documentation, Please provide this information shown below.
– Name, address, telephone number, fax number, email of consignee.
– Airport, city, country
– Custom agent’s telephone number, fax number, email
– Import permit number
– All necessary documents and requirements of importing

7) Full payment of plants and all charges in advance is required.

8) Please let us know when the payment was made. Then we will prepare the plants for the shipment and also book the flight.

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Plant Size

The lists of plant size definitions shown below will help you to understand how we size our products.



The Pots – There are approximately  plants contained in Pots tray 18,24,50, 72 and individual plastics pots

Seedling Size

The plants are grown in the 1″ plastic pot. Available from 6cm – 12cm, depends on varieties. The biggest seedling available will be collected for customer.


Blooming Size & Flowering Size

Blooming Size – When the seedling plants are older, they will be moved to the bigger plastic pot. They are grow until they become mature and ready to bloom when the environment is suitable.  Our types are: Near Blooming, Small Blooming, Large Blooming.

Flowering size – Mature plants come with spike,bud and flowers.


Carton Size

Carton size 40x20x12 inch.

This size contains about 100-500 bare root seedlin, depends on varieties.

This is estimated amount of plants contained in a carton. The exact amount of plant depends on the plant size. We will select the most fit carton for your order to save the freight cost as much as possible.

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